'I learned skills and picked up qualities in Boarding that schools are not obliged to teach.  These skills will benefit me for the rest of my life.' Year 13 Boarder

'I truly believe the boarding option is exceptional and has helped develop my son into an independent, caring and responsible young man, which is a true testament to everyone in boarding.' Boarding Parent

'We're part of a family, it's like having 74 brothers' Year 10 Boarder

'There is no doubt that all the boarding staff are exceptionally professional and dedicated to the well-being of the boys.' Boarding Parent

'Boarding provides a homely environment that gives you the room to be yourself and the safety to step out of your comfort zone' Year 13 Boarder

'The boarding arrangements are excellent, with caring staff and good facilities.  It is like a second home for my son.  He is eager to return to school after the end of the term break, which is evidence of how much he loves the school.' Boarding Parent

'I greatly appreciate the management's emphasis on more than exam results; mental health, leadership, social responsibility, global responsibility, our son has thrived in boarding and overall his experience has exceeded expectations.' Boarding Parent

The extremely positive relationships between staff and young people have nurtured a strong culture of respect.  As a result, young people value the boarding provision. Ofsted Inspection Report, February 2017