'I learned skills and picked up qualities in Boarding that schools are not obliged to teach.  These skills will benefit me for the rest of my life' Year 13 Boarder

'The staff give invaluable supervision and support, we are lucky to have such supportive Housemasters' Boarding Parent

'We're part of a family, it's like having 74 brothers' Year 10 Boarder

'We are so grateful for all the inspiration and encouragement that has enabled our son to make such splendid academic progress and get involved in so many diverse extra-curricular activities'  Boarding Parent

'Boarding provides a homely environment that gives you the room to be yourself and the safety to step out of your comfort zone' Year 13 Boarder

'I would like to register our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of your pastoral care'  Boarding Parent

'Boarders look out for each other and provide mutual support and encouragement. They are sensitive to and develop an appreciation of, and respect for difference.  This creates a strong and inclusive atmosphere'  Ofsted Inspection Report, March 2014