Meet the Team

'Staff go over and above in their duty to ensure my son feels supported and developed.  They are invaluable in the raising of our child.  We consider our son to be privileged to be a boarder.'  Boarding Parent, February 2017

South House:           

 Mr Paul Teixeira - Housemaster of South House, Teacher of Chemistry, Biology and PE

 Miss Michelle Hooker – Deputy Housemistress of South House, Second in Mathematics

 Mr Peter Hurst – House Tutor, Cover Supervisor

 Miss Lizzie Ayres – House Tutor, Head of Laud House, Teacher of Chemistry

 Mr Matt Kearle – House Tutor, Teacher of History

 Mr Alun Lloyd – House Tutor, Teacher of English

 Mrs Karen Andrews – Matron

East Wing:

Mr Chris Nicholas – Housemaster of East Wing, Director of Admissions, Teacher of Geography

Mr Jesus Sanchez – Deputy Housemaster of East Wing, Teacher of Spanish and PE

Dr Jonathan Matthews – House Tutor, Head of Mathematics, Director of Examinations

Miss Amy Cash – House Tutor, Teacher of Economics

Miss Elise Fondu – House Tutor, Teacher of French

Mr Greg Fairchild – House Tutor, Teacher of Geography

Ms Nikki Emmott – Matron

Both Houses:

Mrs Emma Goulding – Day Matron

Mr Billy Woodworth and Mr Bradley McKnight– Gap students

Mrs Kathy Roberts – Housekeeper

Mrs Rebecca Cooper – Boarding and Admissions Administrator