Exam Results

Details of our performance, including pupil progress can be found at Department for Education

Summaries of results at GCSE, AS and A Level over the last five years can be downloaded from the documents below.  For all other exam information,  please contact the Examinations Officer on 0118 901 5600 Ext 227 or email exams@reading-school.co.uk

A Level Results       AS Results       GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2015 A-Level Results       2_161 2015 AS-Level Results       2_161 2015 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2014 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2014 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2014 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2013 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2013 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2013 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2012 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2012 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2012 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2011 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2011 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2011 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2010 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2010 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2010 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2009 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2009 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2009 GCSE Results
logo_pdf 2008 A-Level Results       logo_pdf 2008 AS-Level Results       logo_pdf 2008 GCSE Results