Year 11 art and Spanish students go to Barcelona

Towards the end of October, a group of  Year 11 Art and Spanish students visited Barcelona to sample the city's culture and to be inspired by its extraordinary architecture. Despite a long flight delay on the way out, we arrived in good spirits, eagerly awaiting the three days that lay ahead. And they didn't disappoint...

Our focus throughout was on the artists who had shaped the city, particularly Antoni Gaudi. His spectacular cathedral, the Sagradia Familia, was one of the highlights of the trip, wowing us with its enormous scale and intricate detail - even though it remains unfinished after 130 years of construction. No less impressive were his other monuments around the city, such as Parc Guell and the Casa Mila houses. We also went to the galleries of both Picasso and Dali.  We saw some of Picasso's  earlier work, and that of Salvador Dali, which confirmed his truly mad genius.

Other parts of the city that we stopped at included the Camp Nou stadium, home of FC Barcelona, the famous aquarium and the nearby port, the frantic food market and the 'Spanish Village'.  We also ventured outside the city to view the traditional village of Girona. Staying in the heart of the city- the Ramblas- we could also see what life in Barcelona was really like. Throughout, we would sketch and photograph all these sights, which are the basis of our second coursework project. We finished with a cable car journey overlooking the entire city, which topped off an unforgettable experience.  

Henry Irvine, 11S