Reading School 4th Annual Book Festival

Reading School 4th Annual Book Festival

The aim of our Book Festival is to inspire a celebration of reading and creative writing throughout the school.  This year it was a huge success with many boys inspired to write their own stories following the talks and workshops. 

The celebrations started with a Scholastic Book Fair in the LRC, which raised over £170 for new library books and was a great opportunity for boys to discover new authors. Jon Robinson, author of the Nowhere trilogy, was our first Book Festival guest. He delivered enjoyable and engaging talks to all Year 10 and 11 pupils and workshops for some in Year 8 and 9. 

“I really enjoyed the talk by Jon Robinson.  It was interesting to hear how he developed as a writer and I would like to read his books”. Siddharth, 10S.

“I learnt a lot about psychology, which I thought was fascinating and I thought it would be a really interesting book to read, even though I do not normally read prison break out stories” Charlie 10C

“It was great fun, I learnt a lot of great creative writing techniques” Ben 9C

Taran Matharu, bestselling author of the Summoner series, ran creative writing workshops for all Year 7 and 8 Pupils.  His books were so popular that we sold out on the first day!  Luckily we managed to get a second delivery.  Taran began his workshop by showing his formula for the idea behind his Summoner books and then encouraged pupils to use it to create their own story ideas.

“I enjoyed the session as it encouraged me to write stories. Previously, I have been uninterested and weak at creative writing. I also do not read war books as often, but from now on I do. I especially like the idea of a workshop to help me and other students to improve our writing” Adarsh 7C

“I really enjoyed this workshop as the author was very friendly and inspiring. I learnt that with just a bit of planning I have my whole story”. Ahmad, 7E

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 2nd of March with a “Drop Everything and Read” during lesson 3.  This is when everyone in school, staff and pupils, stop what they are doing and read for at least 20 minutes. 

After school, Alex Baker, founder of the Ignite Writing Group at Wokingham Library, ran a creative writing workshop which was open to all ages.  The session focussed on how to create good characters by answering questions about them e.g. “what is your name and occupation?”, “what is your biggest regret” and “what superpower would you most want and why?”.

We look forward to running a creative writing competition at the end of term and hope that the Book Festival has inspired new ideas and techniques.

Thanks goes to all staff and pupils who worked so hard to support the Book Fair and Festival activities.