1125 Fund

Priorities for 2013

During summer 2013, we need to upgrade and refurbish classrooms in three areas. This will have an immediate and direct benefit for every student in the school, as it ease pressure on classroom space, and it will enable us to introduce an improved curriculum, in computer science and electronics. 

With your help, we can make major improvements to classrooms and to the curriculum this year. Please consider making a donation to this important work.

Aim 1: Transform one under-used wood workshop into two multi-use classrooms and a wood workshopstaff work area

The false ceiling will be stripped out so that we can use the full height of the building.We will install a mezzanine floor to create two computer science classrooms and a staff work area. This will give us classrooms that can be used for teaching physics when not in use for computer science and safer work areas for staff teaching computer science and physics.

Result: Better classrooms and preparation areas that will be used by more students and staff, more frequently each day


Aim 2: Modernise the Physics Lecture Theatre                                                                         physics theatre

We will repair water damage to the internal fabric of the lecture theatre, repaint it and fit better lighting.  We will also install an air curtain for better heat retention, and fit more comfortable seating.  Finally, we will install new audio visual equipment, and white boards, so that students can see and hear clearly, even if they are sitting at the back of the room.

Result: A large, warm, comfortable university-style lecture theatre where large groups of students can learn, debate, and meet.



Aim 3: Upgrade two out-dated technology laboratoriestechnology labs

We will refit the two existing technology laboratories to enable us to introduce an improved new electronics curriculum.  We will improve the layout of the rooms by installing new benches.  We will also open up two under-used storage areas to create an area for manufacturing printed circuit boards, and an independent study area for older students that can also be used for lunchtime and after-school clubs and enrichment activities.

Result: two up to date classrooms where students can design, build, and test electronic projects and a teaching area for small groups and independent study


Help us to make it happen

The generosity of 1125 Fund donors has enabled us to allocate £275,000 from our charitable funds to cover most of the refurbishment costs.   However, we still need to raise around £90,000 to cover the cost of equipment and materials.  That’s £100 for each of our 900 students.

Can you make a one-off gift of £100?  It could enable us to raise matching donations from other sources such as companies and charitable trusts.

Simply print off and complete the donation form, and return it to the Development Office with your gift.

Thank you for supporting Reading School