Inspection Reports


"Reading School has a real sense of community and helps students to reach the highest of academic standards as well as developing a keen sense of purpose and responsibility. The academic performance of students is considerable and the inquiring minds of students are well provided for with a wide range of opportunities to enhance their learning and personal development."

logo_pdf Full 2010 OFSTED Report



"This is an outstanding school that enables students to reach exceptionally high standards both in their academic work
and in their personal development. Students thrive because teaching and learning are outstanding and because much is
provided beyond lessons."

logo_pdf Full 2007 OFSTED Report


Boarding OFSTED Report

"Overall, the school provides a good level of care to boarders and the area of enjoying and achieving is
outstanding. Boarders feel safe and well looked after and enjoy their experience of boarding.
There is strong and effective leadership of the school and in the operation of boarding. The
behaviour of boarders is good and there are sound relationships between the staff and the

logo_pdf 2008 Boarding OFSTED Report


English Department OFSTED Report

"The quality of students’ learning is outstanding. In meeting with students from each year group, it is evident that behaviour is outstanding and students display very positive attitudes to learning. They apply independent learning skills such as investigation and discussion well."

logo_pdf 2011 English Department OFSTED Report