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logo_pdf 2016 Governors report to Parents

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logo_pdf 2014 Governors report to Parents

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The Governing Body is responsible for the governance of Reading School. The responsibility of governors is laid down in the Articles of Association of Reading School, which provides that the Governors shall appoint the Headmaster and may delegate such powers and functions as they consider are required by the Headmaster for the internal organisation, management and control of the School (including the implementation of all policies approved by the Governors and for the direction of the teaching and curriculum at the School).

The Governing Body consists of nineteen governors: two are appointed by the Reading Foundation (the charity which holds in trust the endowments and property of the School), two are elected by staff, and four are elected by parents of students at the School; the Headmaster is ex officio a governor; the remaining governors are appointed by the members of the Reading School Academy Trust.  A list of current governors (and those who have held office in the past 12 months) is set out below.

The Governing Body meets four times during the School year. The detailed work of the Governing Body is conducted in committees which report and recommend to the Governing Body matters for decision. The committees are: Curriculum & Standards, External Relations & Pastoral Care, Finance and Property and Projects. These committees meet at least once each term. Their terms of reference are available from the Clerk to the Governors (Email address shown below).

The agendas and minutes of the Governing Body and its committees are available to anyone who wishes to see them (subject to certain restrictions to preserve confidentiality). Anyone who wishes to see the agenda or minutes of a meeting should contact the Clerk to the Governors (Email address shown below).

Any queries should be directed to the Chair of the Governors, Mr Bob Kenwrick or to Mr Stephen Vale, Clerk to the Governors, Reading School, Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LW, email:

Reading School Governing Body - September 2015 onwards
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