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Remote Inspire Lecture with OR Chris Holland, 14.30

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This event will take place on 13/10/2020.

Tuesday 13th October at 14:30- Dr Chris Holland (OR 1993-2000) Secrets from the web and the science nobody’s heard of. A talk by Dr Chris Holland, Senior Lecturer in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield, arranged by the Society Office. Dr Chris Holland was an unashamed geek, librarian and school prefect. He studied Biology for his undergraduate at Oxford and had great fun studying silk during his Doctorate at the Oxford Silk Group under the supervision of the original spiderman, Prof. Fritz Vollrath. Following on from time as a Fellow at Magdalen College and a prestigious UK fellowship, today he has his own research group looking at natural materials. His team is a diverse collection of scientists with different backgrounds, cultures and questions surrounding how nature makes her materials (from spider silk to snail slime!). This talk will focus on what we can learn from Nature. Animals and plants have been making materials for hundreds of millions of years, and have already solved many of society’s problems concerning the environment, sustainability and high performance products. He will introduce the term Biomimicry, learning from nature, before looking at some examples and finishing on looking at the properties of silk, how it is spun and what can we use it for. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the lecture to discuss with Chris university degree options, including Materials Science and Biological Sciences with insights from both an interviewee and interviewer perspective. How to join remote inspire lectures * Click the form above (relevant to the Inspire Lecture) and confirm virtual attendance  * Click the Teams link to join the Lecture at relevant date and time.  * Pupils to complete the VTalk and Remote Inspire Lecture Feedback form