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Mathematical genius…Inspire Lecture By Simon Singh

The Simpsons & their Mathematical Secrets

Reading School commenced this half term by welcoming Simon Singh MBE, a mathematical genius, to deliver an inspire lecture on Mathematics to our Year 12 students, together with an after school session on ‘a fun way to learn Maths’ to our Year 7 pupils and parents.   

Millions of people across the world watch the Simpsons for its daft, slapstick comedy and running gags. It’s safe to say Homer and the humorous residents of Springfield are far from mathematical prodigies, yet best-selling author MBE Simon Singh's insightful lecture on his new book The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets seamlessly highlights the links between some of the world’s most perplexing mathematical theories and one of our most favourite TV shows. His talk fascinated many of the pupils and even those with no mathematical background were surprised to find that they enjoyed this witty and clever lecture.

Pupils were also able to purchase discounted signed books on the day: Fermat's Last Theorem; The Code Book; and The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets.    A handful of these books are still available please email if you would like to purchase one.

Commenting on the lecture one Year 12 pupil said,

“Simon showed interesting examples of numerical references and equations that are ingeniously hidden into a show. I particularly loved the way he made maths seem fun and engaging. I can never watch the Simpsons in the same way again.”

Armaan Year 7 said:

“I found the Inspire Lecture truly engaging and in particular the mathematical online tools that Simon shared with us, such as Paralell, which is perfect for pupils who love maths as this is a set of weekly maths challenges – 15 minutes of interesting, fun and challenging maths questions.”

Special thanks to Dr J Matthews (Head of Mathematics), Mrs J Chhokar (Society Manager) and Miss P Hutchinson (Society Assistant) for arranging this event.

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