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Dr Graham Griffiths visits Sixth Form Music Students- March 2019

Reading School Music students in Year 12 and 13 were treated to a brace of lectures on Friday afternoon from Dr Graham Griffiths. Graham is Honorary Research Fellow and Post-Graduate Internal Examiner at City University, London, and the author of Stravinsky's Piano: Genesis of a Musical Language.

The lectures were based on the life and works of Stravinsky and the piano music of Mozart - key areas of the current A Level curriculum.  

Ewan M (13KY) commented:

“Dr Graham Griffiths was an honour to watch talk about his profession. The extra insights into the lives and works of Stravinsky and Mozart were useful, however he also provided us with tales of his own experiences as an academic musicologist. 

As a niche which remains largely hidden from students in secondary education, this allowed for an enlightening and very personal talk on its potential for those boys who are hoping to pursue music after their time at Reading. 

His reference to primary sources within the talk, discussing the original manuscript on which composers would notate their music, allowed us to ponder a new way of viewing musical history and analysis, and a point which I found thoroughly interesting. Dr Griffiths spoke with a genuine, infectious enthusiasm, about a subject very dear to all our hearts, and provided us all with a highly enjoyable Friday afternoon.” 

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