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Reading School Student wins the Data Science Finals at TeenTech 2019

Reading School student Sida’s (9W) exemplary hard work paid off as he became yet another student to win TeenTech, and is due to pick up his prestigious award at Buckingham Palace

TeenTech helps young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology and engineering industries, no matter what their gender or social background. Their lively, focused age appropriate initiatives help young people 8-18 understand their potential and raise their aspirations.

Over 270 schools took part in this year’s challenge, totalling more than 1,500 students from across the UK and Europe. 

Sida (9W) secured a finalist place in London:

“Jack H (13 SP) and I entered the IET Savoy Place with trepidation. We were located on the Mountbatten Exhibition Room, and set up our posters as planned. At 12:25, the presentations for our category, the Data Science Category, started. The first project was VIEWS from Maiden Erleigh, and the team created an impressive device to detect drones at airports, following the Gatwick and Heathrow incidents. Then, at 12:35, it was my time to shine. I prepared my app demo, and loaded my presentation. I was very nervous at the time.

My project is Speed Bot. Speed Bot is an app that recognises and safely notifies you of any traffic signs within the live images that the app takes. It uses purely computer vision and neural networks to achieve this, so is not location-restricted like GPS. Yet with GPS allowed, Speed Bot will alert you of your speed and tell you to slow down if you exceed the speed limit. It is currently available on Google Play for free.

The presentation went smoothly, I answered the questions with spontaneity, and luck was definitely on my side as my tech demo worked successfully! Then, I tidied up my stand and got ready to present to the passers-by. After that came the awards ceremony. Since my category was second last, I was forced to wait for 18 other winners to be announced before the crucial moment arrived. After watching all the introductory videos, I recalled just how amazing the other teams were.

But then Speed Bot was announced as the winner and my victory track began. I ecstatically walked up to the stage and collected my trophy. After months of non-stop programming, my efforts paid off and were recognised. TeenTech has paved a path to my future, and whilst the finals have finished, this just marks the start of Speed Bot's journey.”

Mr S Ling-Winston (Head of Computer Science) said:

“Well done Sida on an amazing effort, showing both your ability and independence in pursuing this project. I look forward to seeing pictures of Sida receiving his award as the 2019 winner of the Data Science category from the HRH Duke of York at Buckingham Palace.

A special thank you to Jack H (13 SP) (a previous TeenTech winner) for supporting and mentoring Sida as well as other students with all of their projects.”


Mr A M Robson (Headmaster) said:                                                            

“Congratulations to Sida on this innovative and inspiring achievement with his ‘Speed Bot’.  TeenTech is known for challenging pupils to solve real-world problems using Technology and Sida has surpassed beyond all expectations in this category.  Sida is always committed and dedicated to all tasks undertaken from mentoring our Math’s pupils in the MiG Club as well as Computer Club.  This achievement is a testament to all his hard work supported by senior student, Jack H (13 SP) and Mr S Ling-Winston (Head of Computer Science).  I am thoroughly impressed with the inter-year integration where younger students are supported by our older students to achieve successful results.  This is further aligning with our core value of Community.”    

If you are interested in joining in with the competition, then visit the TeenTech website and get in touch with Mr S Ling-Winston(Head of Computer Science)

Written by Tom J (12 MRC) and edited by Ajai G (12 AVS)

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