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Thank you to all our exceptional supporters for expert guidance for our early entrants

For our second MMI session, held on Tuesday 17 November, a total of 24 students, including students from John Hampden Grammar School took part in our multiple mini-interview practice circuit (MMI).

MMI interview is the most popular type of medicine interview used by UK Medical Schools as part of the interview selection process. We have been proud of the large number of students who hope to read medicine or dentistry at university.

A huge thank you to Dr S Bowen (School Governor), Dr T Harris, Dr Hannah Clarke, Dr Alan Tang, Dr Ravi Kumar, Dr Deepak Ravindran, Mrs M Kang (Teacher of Biology), Dr Jamie Scuffell (OR 2002-2009), Amin Al-Hussainy (OR 2009-2016), Dr Charlie Taylor (OR 2008-2015), Omar Uwais (OR 2008-2015), Shahmeer Noori (OR 2010-2017) and Kieran Toms (OR 2008-2015) who all gave up their evening to help our aspiring medics and dentists.

Our experienced interviewers were a mix of doctors (some of whom were alumni), alumni medical students, members of our former parent community and staff.

A special thank you to Jas and Piatrice in the Society Office for coordinating the evening and Ms J Pickering (Teacher of Biology and Head of Medics) and Mr A Bullard (Head of Science at John Hampden School) for arranging the interviews.

We are also grateful to Mr B Sandiford (Head of Drama) for kindly building in online interview skills and etiquette for our medical student candidates to prepare them for virtual interviews.

As our students prepare for interviews as a part of the UCAS applications for highly competitive courses, understanding the different types of interviews, the best techniques to answering the questions and becoming more familiar with typical interview questions are something all students need to be prepared for. We continue to grow our program to support all students wherever possible.

2020 has seen a shift in the way universities are interviewing. Due to recent restrictions in place, most interviews are taking place either via the telephone, live on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.  We understand that, that your first interview can feel intimidating, so we want to provide our students with some opportunity to practice.

Reading School is also deeply appreciative to our alumni and former parents who continue to give vital support to Reading School. 

Thank you to Dr Simon Newman (OR 1998); Oliver Davidson (OR 2008); Patrick Byfield (OR 2015); William Jefferies, Surya Kongara, John Perry, Alistair Fleming, Neil Shabong and Chris Pegrum (ORs 2016); Abhishek Adavikolanu, Sam Miller and Minghua Yin (OR 2017); Karthik Neelamegam, Adit Rajeev, William Clennell, Akash Lakshmi Narasimha, Pranav Shyam Prasad, Jack Lawrence, Nathan Galpin, Alessandro Giacometto, James Sun, Alex Vanlint, Alex Caballero, Ewan Millar, Saket Koti and Noam Rosenbaum (ORs 2018); Umar Asghar (OR 2019); and Professor Graham Machin (former parent) who have generously assisted the Society Office with Oxbridge preparation for interviews in a range of subject areas.

Thank you also to Rhim Shah, Dr Chris Holland, Jonathan Machin and Danny McNamara for offering their support.

By continuing to ‘pay it forward’ our current students have the benefit of your advice and guidance to achieve their full potential. We continue to make a difference with our expert sixth form team, but with your support, we can do so much more.     

Special thanks to Jas Chhokar (Society Manager) for arranging and coordinating mock interviews. 

We wish all those undertaking interviews over the coming weeks the best of luck.

If you are interested in helping with MMI practice sessions, or Oxbridge interview preparations for next year or can offer career mentoring or virtual work experience opportunities please contact Jas Chhokar at

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