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Reading School provides back drop for OR James Alex Harding’s debut novel

Old Redingensian James Alex Harding (OR 2009-2016) has released his debut novel, Red & White, set in the shadows of Reading School.

James attended Reading School before studying Law in 2017 at the University of Bristol.

In his debut novel, he provides a fresh take on the Young Adult genre, drawing inspiration from Lord of the Flies and crafting a compelling narrative that portrays teenagers and conflict in a realistic manner.

James commented:

"I first came up with the idea for ‘Red & White’ whilst sat at the back of a GCSE English class. We were studying ‘Lord of the Flies’ at the time and, although I enjoyed the general premise and themes, I found the text itself quite dry. I therefore wanted to modernise the setting and characters, showing how twenty-first century teenagers might behave in a world without adults. Considering I knew Reading School, its pupils and our unique manner so well, I couldn’t imagine ever setting the novel anywhere else."

During his recent visit to the School since leaving 2016, James said:

"Coming back to school was an incredibly rewarding and nostalgic experience, as I haven’t set foot on the grounds in half a decade. It was also quite eerie as my novel’s premise is initiated by a global pandemic, so it was strange to be on the grounds during exactly such an event."

Red & White is available for £5 on the Kindle Store and on mobile devices using the following steps: How to by kindle books. James suggests the recommended reading age to be sixteen and above.

To purchase a copy, please click here: Red & White by James Harding

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