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Internal Exams

Year 7 - 10 and 12 Internal exam week - Monday 20th May - Friday 24th May 2019

Please see the links below to the exam timetables for each year group.


Year 11 internal exam week - Monday 10th - Friday 14th December 2018

Please find below link to the Year 11 mock examination timetable for your information.  All students must register as normal each morning. When not in exams students will be supervised in the refectory and should therefore bring revision materials with them. Students without exams during session 3 may leave at 13:40 after registering in the refectory.  The refectory will be available for revision during session 3 if they would rather stay at school.


Year 13 internal exam week - Monday 7th - Friday 11th January 2019

Please note all exams are in Big School. Exams will start at 08:30, and 13:00. Registration will be taken at the beginning of each exam. Year 13s should go straight to the cloisters under Big School at 8.20am/12.50pm, ready for a prompt start.  Year 13s only need to attend school when they have exam scheduled.  The refectory will be available all day for revision though tables must be given up at lunch and break if necessary.