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Summer School 2021

In 2021, the Government announced additional funding for schools to provide a summer school programme.

The overall aim was to support the transition of students.

The summer school was delivered with an emphasis on a blend of academic education and enrichment/personal development activities in line with our ‘Developing Academic Excellence and Building Good Men’. 

Students had the opportunity to:

  • Join activities focussing on team-building to help build stronger relationships
  • Develop a sense of team and community with their peers
  • Join educational and enrichment activities that are engaging;
  • Forge relationships with staff at Reading School;
  • Join activities focusing on social skills and social interaction;
  • Familiarise themselves with the Reading Way, the values of Reading School and the Reading School environment;
  • The Reading School ‘Summer School’ experience was organised by Reading School staff, supported by outside providers as appropriate and sought to increase confidence ahead of the start of the Michaelmas Term, reducing any potential anxiety in relation to starting at Reading School. 

Due to the Pandemic impacting on learning time and the lack of opportunity for transition activities, the government provided some additional funding for secondary schools to run summer schools to support transition.

Students leaving primary school in July 2021 may have missed a significant proportion of Key Stage 2 face-to-face teaching.  Thus they missed valuable preparation for secondary education.

The summer school organised by Reading School gave an important opportunity of face-to-face support before they started formally in September. 

Furthermore, Reading School ‘Summer School’ also offered an important opportunity to support students’ well-being.  The inclusion of enrichment activities was an important facet of the summer school.  We were also aware of the need to provide access to safe, outdoor space and develop cultural capital.

Summer camp summary:

Over the course of two weeks, at the end of July and at the end of August we welcomed over 90% of our Year 6 and Year 7 students into school to take part in summer camps. These were planned to support transition, to provide learning opportunities and to develop skills.

The Year 7 camp welcomed back 75 students from our Year 7 cohort, who to take part in a week of activities taking place on the school site for 4 of the 5 days. Staff ran a range of inspiring sessions and this week was a really positive end to a challenging year. The opportunities offered covering a range of curricular and extra-curricular topics, giving students the chance to take part in activities that had not been possible to run during the 2020 academic year. All students took part in Rocket Science, Engineering, Programming in Scratch, Linguistics and Maths Modelling lessons in addition to a range of sports and outdoor activities designed to foster wellbeing and promote positive relationships. They also enjoyed a day of adventurous activities and team building at Oakwood youth challenge in Wokingham.

Students ready to start Year 7 in September  2021 were offered the chance to attend a transition programme to support them as they start their life at Reading School. Around 150 participated in sessions over 4 days from Tuesday 31st September- Friday 3rd September 2021. Students were all offered two full days of activities and this gave them a chance to work with a range of students and staff on and off the school site.

Some of the highlights of the programme were learning how to make clouds with Mr K Luteijn (Head of Geography), launching rockets with Mr C Lewis-Brown (Teacher of Physics & Mathematics) and making fire and cooking bread with Mr D Tridgell (Head of County House). On-site activities also included team building with Path Hill as well as football and cricket coached by our partners, Berkshire County Cricket Club and Reading FC.

Students also had the privilege of participating in activities off-site including a visit to the Oakwood Adventure Centre, where they experienced climbing and bouldering and Wokingham Water Sport Centre, where they got the chance to do canoeing and paddle boarding.

The camps gave all students the opportunity to achieve together, to collaborate and to develop a sense of belonging ahead of the sometimes daunting transition to life at secondary school.

Reading School received £39,029 funding from the ESFA which fully covered all costs. The costs comprised £24,980 staffing and £14,049 third party costs of providing the activities listed above.

Please find links below to the Summer School 2021 brochures:

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