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Reading School Book Festival

Reading School Book Festival commenced on Monday with a visit from Sarah Govett, author of the YA trilogy, The Territory

The annual Reading School Book Festival got off to a fantastic start on Monday with a visit from Sarah Govett, author of the dystopian trilogy “The Territory”.  Sarah entertained Book Club members with an exclusive Q&A before delivering an engaging talk to all Year 10, who will be studying dystopian fiction for their English GCSE. 

Sarah said, "taking real life and exaggerating it, makes the most terrifying reading and for her global warming and the environment are a real concern."  

“It was a very interesting and informative session, not only about the dystopian genre, but an insight into Sarah Govett's career as a writer” Alex 10S

“The author talk was really good!  It has inspired me to try some older dystopian books and maybe attempt writing one of my own.  Learning about becoming an author was very useful” Jamie 10S.