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House Eisteddfod 2018

It was another amazing year of performance and creativity in the annual House Eisteddfod competition.  Every House enjoyed success over the two days as students wrote and performed in a huge celebration of literature.

Every student from Years 7 to 11 took part, overseen by crack teams of sixth form leaders, and a frenzy of fun was had by all.  Competitors from the Colts section enjoyed the event;

Ed from Year 10 said: “It was good fun to compete and working as a team,” while budding author Swapnanil was pleased because: “The creative writing competition is a really great environment for thinking and coming up with ideas.” 

Students who took part in the choral part of the event enjoyed the teamwork aspect: “We worked together well, and the competition helps us learn how to work as a group together” said Vamshi, while those who just were part of the audience still had a good time: “Some of the performances were really engaging.”


  Junior Colt Senior
1 L W S
2 C C C
3 W E W
4 S S L
5 E   E
Creative Writing
  Junior Colt Senior 
1 E S S
2 C C C
3 S E E
4 W   W
5 L   L





What is the House Eisteddfod?

The House Eisteddfod competition is a celebration of presentation and creativity which takes places every spring term.  Every boy in Year 7 to 11 is involved, either in planning, rehearsing, writing and performing or as part of the audience, over the course of two days.  Organised and led by a team of experienced sixth formers, each House devises an overall theme (this year the topics ranged from Isolation to Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations) and then presents a series of poems, dramatic dialogues, speeches from history or prose excerpts in competition; other students participate in a creative writing task for which they can produce short stories, verse, scripts or any other fiction text type takes their fancy.

Thank you to Mr R Baldock (Head of English) and all the English Department for the incredible effort that went into arranging this event over the two days and an excellent way to end this term.