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The Annual Frank Terry Memorial Lecture

SYRIA - Tom Pravda

Ex Head of the HMG Daesh Task Force

Ex Head of Iraq Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

On Monday 16th October students enjoyed what was a thrilling Frank Terry Memorial Lecture in Big School delivered by Tom Pravda, who leads UK policy on the Syrian Conflict.

Tom attended Reading School between 1987 – 1994  and was School Captain in 1994, going on to study PPE at Balliol College, Oxford.

He offered unique depth and insight into a terrible war and humanitarian crisis that seems to have no end in sight, giving explanation to the sheer complexity of the conflict and why this has meant that 6 years in, there has been no effective solution to the war.  

The deep-lying reasons for the war and historical factors were also addressed, as well as the role of foreign powers (Russia, USA, Iran and Saudi Arabia are amongst the most important) and marginalised groups (most prominently the Kurds) in the crisis.

Mr Pravda gave a bleak prognosis for the war, suggesting it could continue for over 10 years given the state that the region is in today.

We thank him for his time, as well as the ORs for organising an insightful and interesting lecture.

Tomi Amole 12DT/HYA