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Term Dates

Please also see the main calendar for current term dates.


Lent Term 2021

Staff Day

Monday 4th January

Lent Term Commences for students of key workers and vulnerable students on the school site

Remote Learning for all year groups

Tuesday 5th January

Staff Day

Monday 25th January

Half Term

Saturday 13th February to Sunday 21st February

School reopens for students

Monday 22nd February

Term ends

Thursday 1st April (a.m.)

Summer Term 2021

Summer Term Commences

Monday 19th April

Bank Holiday

Monday 3rd May

Bank Holiday

Monday 31st May

Half Term

Saturday 29th May to Sunday 6th June

School reopens for students

Monday 7th June

Term ends

Wednesday 14th July (a.m.)


Staff Days – 2020/2021

3rd September 2020

4th September 2020

9th October 2020

4th January 2021

25th January 2021


Michaelmas Term 2021  
Staff Day                                                      Thursday 2nd September  
Staff Day                                                      Friday 3rd September  

Michaelmas Term commences                 Monday 6th September

for all students

- All Year 7 students

will be in school from

8:20am -3:25pm

- All Year 12 students who are new

to the school will be in school from

8.20 - 12.40pm

- All Year 8 - 13

will be taking part in academic

preview activities and will be

expected to attend school only for

their pre-booked appointment

Year 7 Entrance Examination                  Saturday 11th September (tbc)  
Staff Day                                                    Friday 8th October  
Half Term                                                   Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October     
School reopens for students                   Monday 1st November  
Term ends                                                  Friday 17th December  (a.m.)    
Lent Term 2022  
Staff Day                                                    Tuesday 4th January   
Lent Term Commences                            Wednesday 5th January  
Staff Day                                                    Monday 24th January   
Half Term                                                   Monday 21st February to Friday 25th February  
School reopens for students                   Monday 28th February  
Term ends                                                  Friday 8th April (a.m.)  
Summer Term 2022  
Summer Term Commences                     Monday 25th April  
Bank Holiday                                             Monday 2nd May  
Bank Holiday                                             Thursday 2nd June  
Bank Holiday                                             Friday 3rd June  
Half Term                                                   Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June   

  School reopens for students                   Monday 6th June 

  Term ends                                                  Friday 15th July (a.m.)


Staff Days – 2021/2022

2nd September 2021

3rd September 2021

8th October 2021

4th January 2022

24th January 2022