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Reading School will be open as normal on Thursday 1st March 2018

Reading School is open as normal.

We are advised by the DfE that 'during severe weather conditions, such as snow, you should keep your school open for as many children as possible'.  (Emergency planning and response  However, it might be necessary to close temporarily due to inaccessibility or risk of injury.

The Met Office ( ) maintain that a spell of snow is likely over parts of London and South East England this week.  Road and rail travel may be subject to delay.  We are providing this information as now that 'Winter is coming' we want to ensure all parents and students are fully prepared.  Please ensure that your son has the appropriate outerwear and footwear when travelling to and from school.

We will continue to monitor and update parents via the school website and Headmasters Newsletter.  Please see link to Adverse Weather Plan