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Black History Month 2018

Top 5 most leading African or African Caribbean men or women... 

In the UK, Black History Month is an annual event celebrated throughout the month of October. First celebrated in 1976, it is aimed at reflecting on black successes and achievements, raising awareness to some of the major contributions that African and African Caribbean communities have made to the science, the arts, culture and music.

Pupils from Reading School took part in a survey to nominate  African or African Caribbean men and women who they thought had made a huge contribution to society.

The survey revealed Reading School’s top 5 most influential African or African Caribbean men and women:

  • Martin Luther King Jr- Civil Rights Activist
  • Barack Obama- First African American President of the United States
  • Nelson Mandela- Political leader, peace activist, revolutionary and First Black Head of State in South Africa
  • Rosa Parks- Civil Rights Activist
  • Maya Angelou- best-selling author, educator and civil rights activist used her poetry to inspire and empower.

It is a important to recognise and appreciate the incredible achievements of our African and African Caribbean communities, including the rich heritage that they bring to our society. This also encourages us to reflect on our continuing efforts to promote inclusion and advance racial equality.

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