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Greetings from the ORs at University of Cambridge

Reading School was delighted to hear from its Cambridge Alumni this week...

Reading School's Class of 2018, who have just joined the University of Cambridge must already be missing us and we were absolutely delighted to hear from them this week.

From Nathan Galpin:

“Greetings from the Cambridge ORs

Well, we’ve almost made it to the end of our second academic week here at Cambridge, despite the best efforts of the dreaded Freshers’ Flu. All in all, I think I speak for the others when I say that we’re getting on just fine. I know I’ve always found it encouraging when I bump into a fellow Old Redingensian about town and it’s been a real help just to know that there are other people around who you know really well. We even managed to find the time, amidst all the work, to meet up for brunch. Though we did not manage to get the whole gang back together for a reunion we managed 11 which we did not think was too shabby. Some of you may be wondering what it is we’ve been getting up to since we’ve been here and, while I can’t talk for everyone, I’ll give you a few highlights: Jack Lawrence has begun his engineering career with the construction of a Lego helicopter (he assures me engineering isn’t just playing with Lego); Matthew Wadsworth has discovered that he has to make a heroic expedition every week for his supervisions (all the way to Churchill from Queens’ a gruelling 7 minute cycle); and I have been delving into Medieval Literature (which largely involves working out the difference between þ and ȝ). With plenty of time left to go and lots still to learn, we’re all looking forward with anticipation and looking back on our time at Reading School with thankfulness.”

From Jack Lawrence:

“Cambridge is a wonderful place to study, both academically – I feel very prepared for my lectures by Dr J Matthews! – and as a city. The students and faculty are all lovely, I’m getting lost much less frequently, and it’s really starting to feel like my home – a friendly environment where I can be surrounded by like-minded people in a beautiful college, university and city.”

In the photo from left to right:

  • Lawrence Chonavel -  Computer Science at Selwyn College
  • Nathan Galpin - English at Pembroke College
  • William Clennell - Economics at Corpus Christi College
  • Matthew Wadsworth - Economics at Queen's College
  • Alex Osborne – Maths at Clare College
  • Sohaib Ansari – Medicine at Churchill College
  • Alex Bland - Engineering at Jesus College
  • Chris Youssef - Medicine at Downing College
  • Alex Vanlint - Computer Science at Churchill College
  • Jack Lawrence - Engineering at Jesus College
  • Danny Smith - Engineering at Queen's College

Please do share how you are settling in to University life or your chosen career path, whether you left this year or 25 years or more ago, we are always pleased to hear from you.  Contact Jas Chhokar (Society Manager) at    

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