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Year 8 Trip to Normandy

In November, Reading School’s Year 8 pupils travelled to Le Chateau de la Baudonniere, a French Language Immersion School Centre in Normandy, where they participated in activities in order to learn to speak and understand French in a truly French environment.

Here are some of their testimonies:

“I think everyone who went on the trip to France would agree it was a memorable experience and a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in the French language, food and culture. We all really learnt a lot by speaking only French to the instructors- so by the end of the trip we were all quite confident with speaking.”

Sam S (8E)

“During our stay, we took part in lots of fun activities whilst communicating almost exclusively in French: climbing, archery, fencing, fun French class and an eventful assault course! Teamwork was great. We were all on this adventure together."

All communication at the chateau was in French. If we did not understand something, we took turns to guess until we knew what they were telling us about. This is of course a great way to learn. I picked up a lot in a short space of time, and it definitely brought attention to the French way of speaking.”

Hal R-D (8S)

“My highlights of the trip were doing the obstacle course; going to the French market to speak French to the locals to buy items; eating snails and watching Ms Fondu eat her first snail. I found the food delicious; even the snails, which were cooked in a garlic pesto sauce.”

Samuel A-O (8W)

“Another highlight of the trip were the evening activities organised by the teachers and the Chateaux staff including treasure hunts, quizzes and talent shows. This was amazing for our French skills as it allowed us to learn new vocabulary and use it in a fun environment. The instructors and the teachers were very helpful.”

Advay C (8S)

“I enjoyed the trip immensely as it was so different to what I could have expected. It was a completely new experience for me and very interesting and exciting. Always it is a better time when you are with your friends and this made it vastly more amusing. I was also able to get to know others in my year that I knew less well. I am pleased I took the opportunity to go.

Thanks to all the teachers that went and all that organised the trip. I loved it and I would recommend it highly.”

Hal R-D (8S)

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