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Reading School celebrates success at UKMT Team Maths Challenge Regional Finals 2019

On Friday 8th March, a team of four students - Daniel & Sida from Year 9 and Jonathan & Karthik from Year 8, went to Highdown School to represent Reading School in the UKMT Team Maths Challenge Regional Finals  

The UKMT Team Challenges promote mathematical dexterity, teamwork and communication skills. They also give students the opportunity to compete against students from other schools in their region.

Sida (9W) commented:

“Reading School - spoiler alert - came 1st out of a total of 29 schools, although it was no easy feat. The competition was nerve-wracking and forced us to think like professional mathematicians. But overall, it was a very fun day indeed.

The first round of the day was the Group Round. Each team is given ten questions to complete in 45 minutes and everyone is allowed to communicate with each other. We deployed the tactic of everyone checking every question, which resulted in us getting only one question wrong. 

The second round was the cross-number. This was one of the hardest rounds, as we were split into two separate pairs yet one pair’s answers relied on the other pair’s! Despite that, we managed to finish with 1 minute to spare. 

Round 3 was the Shuttle round, and this was the hardest round. We worked on questions in pairs and the answer to the first question, was required in order to answer the second question, whose answer was needed for question three and so on.  In most sets of the four sets of four questions, we couldn’t answer question 4, and so we lost some marks in this round. 

We had nearly given up on winning, but we persevered into the final round: the infamous Relay. As one of the only teams to finish it, it brought our team above all others, and we placed 1st, securing us a place in the National Finals on Monday 17th June. 

We are all grateful to Ms Hooker for arranging our meetings and accompanying us at the competition. We are also grateful to Highdown School for hosting the event.”

Mr A M Robson (Headmaster) said:

“Congratulations to Daniel, Sida, Jonathan and Karthik on the success of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge and persevering to the end for an exceptional result.  Well done on dedicating extra time to prepare for the competition and best of luck at the National Finals in June.   An example of building on excellence in a very competitive competition, whilst having fun and being an exemplary experience.  Special thanks to Ms M Hooker (Second in Mathematics Department) for organising and the Mathematics Department for their continued support.”

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