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Inspire Lecture- Climate Change- Professor Rowan Sutton

On the 24th September, Reading School invited Professor Rowan Sutton from the University of Reading to host an inspire lecture on climate change, its facts and implications.

Professor Rowan Sutton is the Director of Climate Research in the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). His research interests include the role of ocean-atmosphere interactions in climate, climate variability and change, predictability and prediction, particularly in the Atlantic sector.

His lectured delved into ‘what we know’, ‘what this implies for the future’ and ‘what we need to do to prevent disaster for society’.

Sam S (13SP) commented: 

“This talk excellently integrated theory, data and visuals to make it easy to digest some otherwise complex ideas. It began with a brief recap of the basic theory (namely the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect) needed to understand the later stages of the talk. This worked well to make the talk accessible, as the talk was open to all ages, with some younger students potentially needing this recap.

The depth and breadth of data available was excellent, Professor Sutton’s position at the University of Reading clearly provided him with a wide range of research. The talk was also very useful in putting to bed some of the “fake news” that surrounds climate change.

With the media constantly screaming about “the point of no return” in respect to CO2 emissions it was reassuring to here that this is not a certainty, and emissions are in fact much simpler, the more we emit, the more damage we will do.

Finally, the talk finished with some ‘Question and Answer’. Professor Sutton concisely responded to a range of questions, and from speaking to the audience afterwards, left everyone feeling satisfied that their questions had been well responded to.”

A special thanks to the Geography Department and the Society Office for their assistance in organising this lecture.

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