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Inspire Lecture- Adam Wright (OR 2003-2010)

On Tuesday 11th February, Adam Wright  (OR 2003-2010) returned to Reading School to give an Inspire Lecture on the physics behind solar cells.

In his lecture, Adam gave an overview of the physics behind how solar cells work, before introducing perovskite solar cells as an alternative to the silicon-based devices which are currently commercially dominant. He discussed the general challenges facing perovskites on the road to commercial success and the specific issues he is researching involving electron motion in perovskites.

The final part of the lecture covered the prospects of academic research as a career path, with Adam relating the experiences that helped him on his path to his current position as a postdoctoral researcher and Junior Research Fellow at Mansfield College, Oxford

Kathir A (11E) commented:

“I found the lecture to be quite interesting and insightful towards solar cells. I always believed solar cells to be almost redundant due to their inefficient nature and cost, however the lecture has opened my eyes to the surprisingly large advances in solar cells. I also quite liked the comprehensive explanation of how solar cells actually work, which has ‘inspired’ me to look more into the subject. I would highly recommend it if you like physics as it builds upon basic principles taught at GCSE to quite an advanced, specific level.

Siyuan L (12W) added:

 “This lecture was very captivating, and Adam fully conveyed the importance of perovskite as a suitable material for solar cells. Throughout the lecture, he touched on many different branches of science, including physics, chemistry and geology, to explain how perovskite solar cells work, as well as highlighting the problems that it currently faces. I recommend all those who are interested in renewable energy to check out his work.”

 Similarly, Joseph P (12ANC) said:

“Adam’s lecture on perovskite solar cells was very insightful and much appreciated. He gave an overview of his work in the field and presented both the many advantages as well as the disadvantages of the technology. I look forward to seeing how his findings shape the future of renewable energy.”

A special thanks to the Society Office for organising this lecture.

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