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Escape with Poetry- World Poetry Day 2020

At a time of social distancing, poetry is an effective means of expression that can offer a chance to escape without leaving our homes.

In recognition of World Poetry Day, which took place on Saturday, we thought we’d share a poem written by Poet Laureate Leo O (12PS)


They lay with fabricated ease
beneath the bleached purists’ sky.

Beneath their brow their words were spurned
and tested, churned and mangled by
the cracking looms of fretful thought.
The shuttles’ flights; distressed attacks
as frayed and knotted cords unspooled.

“To bring these threads together- to hold a solid, useful thing-”
they lost their trail
on the blank and grainy sheet of
pale cloud above. Their eyes drew shut;
their focus, smothered.

They turned within and saw the looms that churned-
an insect rhythm chittered.
Flinching swarms of lost strings bloomed
and scattered. Rest, the swarm adrift.
A pulse, the shuttle’s final shift.

Thank you Leo for sharing this poem with us.

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