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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Medical Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Start-ups- Remote Inspire Lecture with Tom White​​​​​​​

Tom White is the Chief Operations Officer of Maxwell Plus, a growing Brisbane based medical technology start-up. Over 150 students tuned in live to hear Tom discuss what it's like to work in a tech start-up as well as how to have a career in management consulting.  

Since completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering & Finance at the University of Queensland, Tom has worked for two different medical technology start-ups, before working for the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He currently works for Maxwell Plus, a company that combines artificial intelligence with medical imaging to make cancer diagnosis faster, more affordable and more accurate.

George L (12MRC) commented on the lecture: 

“Tom White kindly gave an inspiring lecture yesterday in which he talked about his experience working in a wide variety of settings ranging from a fracking plant to saving a supermarket chain to creating a medical start-up while studying at university. 

Although these jobs seem entirely different, he believes they all helped him to develop three key skills that allowed him to become successful: communication, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship. 

Tom gave a fascinating account of the entire process of his first start-up, revealing not only his successes but the mistakes he made, and also shared the differences between being the COO of a small company and the gruelling but satisfying work as a management consultant, travelling the world and working with some of the largest companies. 

His wide breadth of knowledge from his varied career allowed him to answer the many questions of the students considering following a similar path. Revealing the tips he wishes he had known when he started his career, this lecture is definitely worth a watch if you missed it!”

Thank you to Miss A Cash (Teacher of Economics) for organising this lecture.  

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