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A Career in Journalism- Remote Inspire Lecture with Harry Borg (OR 2011-2013) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Harry Borg (OR 2011-2013) is a subeditor at The Guardian. We invited him to share his experiences as a journalist and give advice to those looking to start in the media industry.

Harry attended Reading School’s Sixth Form and left in 2013 with A Levels in English Literature, History and Theatre Studies. He then went to Cardiff University  where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

Since 2017 Harry has worked for Daily Mail and The Times as a sports reporter and journalist. He joined the staff at The Guardian in January, and has been working on the news and sports desks. His daily tasks include running and structuring the UK, Australian and international website homepages. Additionally, Harry is responsible for editing, publishing and fact-checking articles and multimedia journalism (podcasts or videos created by the multimedia team).

During his talk Harry spoke about his career, how he started as a student journalist covering sports events and writing feature pieces for the university newspaper, and also provided insight into his most recent experiences covering major developing stories like the recent Forbury Gardens attack.  

Mr AM Robson (Headmaster) said:

“We are so lucky that we can call on such a wide range of talented alumni and we’re really grateful to Harry for giving up his precious time to talk to the students and offer advice on forging a career in the world of journalism.”

A special thank you to Mr R Baldock (Head of English) for arranging this lecture and to the Society Office for coordinating all online inspire lectures.

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