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Reading School Student Winner of the TeenTech Gold Award 2020​​​​​​​

Congratulations to Samuel Amos- Osebeyo (9W) who was named winner of the TeenTech Safety and Security Award 2020 for his Cost-Efficient Search and Rescue Robot design.

TeenTech is an organisation that helps young people to understand the opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) industries.

His winning idea was to have cost efficient, easy to use, and reliable Search and Rescue Robots (SRRs) be used in Low-Income Countries (LIC) that have the potential to save countless numbers of lives in the event of a natural disaster.

Samuel (9W) explains:

“My plan wasn’t to make something completely new since SRRs already exist, but what I wanted to do was improve what there already is in the world and that’s one of the ways I believe innovation happens. The robots would be 3D printed to decrease the cost of production but still designed to be as robust as possible.

The robots will contain sensors that will give search and rescue personnel helpful data about the area where the natural disaster struck. For example, air quality, heat and humidity, gas readings, and more. Sensor data is important because it allows search and rescue personnel to get an immediate understanding of the environment after the disaster has occurred, allowing them to prepare the correct equipment, healthcare and more. For example, these sensors allow you to, see if there has been a natural gas leakage, see if there have been coarse dust particles released that are capable of damaging lungs, or even give you the ability to map the inside of a collapsed building and all of this is contained in a cost-efficient robot for these disadvantaged countries. 

The next step to make this real is to start bringing all smaller project prototypes into one fully working prototype with as much of the things needed inside the robot. Once this has been completed, I will need to test the robot thoroughly and methodically, so that each aspect of the robot works the way it should and that it can survive in a rugged environment. This project has given me an insight into how much work you need to put in to think, research and design an innovative project that can eventually change the world. I have learnt so much from researching the individual components and how they work together to create a functional robot that I truly believe can save lives and money in LIC.”

He also speaks about his motivation for entering the competition:

“I first heard about TeenTech a few months back when Mr. Ling encouraged me to start taking part in competitions. He mentioned a few and I researched them. One of them was the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi competition that I took part in with Ryan L (9W) and we won our age category.”

All of the judges are asked to provide feedback on the work. Here’s what they said about Samuel’s project:

“A project with very detailed information. Lots of research done here and I am sure a lot of learning, which is to be applauded. The submission comes alive where you use your own words.”

“Good project! Improving the current search and rescue robots to make them more affordable is a great idea. Your presentation is thorough and you thought about all the specifications needed to make this work. Good work!”

“The search and rescue robot was a well-researched piece. The idea was well explained as well as the context for the development of the idea and the compassion expressed for the low-income countries was compelling. The piece included a thoughtful and thorough collection of the technology available to make such a robot work. There were good images for reference. The diagrams were clear and carefully explained to the general public. The development and viability assessment was well done with clear links to research. A prototype of this sort of invention is more difficult but the usage of the previous competition enabled the expert opinions for feedback to further develop the idea and further feedback was sought. A clear gold.”

“This project is extremely technical with a fantastic level of detail around what this safety robot would look like and how it would function.  Nice to see a prototype too, great work.”

“Using existing technology for an idea like this is a very sensible idea, this is a well thought out and researched submission from someone who clearly understands the complexities of robotics and coding. I love the fact that this has an immediate benefit to people and would love to see a prototype."

Mr AM Robson (Headmaster) commented:

“We have long recognised the vast talent our students possess and it has been truly inspiring to see the dedication and innovation that has gone into these competitions. We will continue to provide these opportunities for our students to develop these skills as a part of our initiative to Build Good Men. Congratulations to Samuel, a student who has continued to demonstrate exceptional innovation.”

A special thank you to Mr S Ling-Winston (Head of Computer Science) for his long-term support.

Well-done Samuel on an amazing effort, showing both your ability and independence in pursuing this project!

The award ceremony can be watched on this link: Teen Tech Awards Ceremony 2020 

If you are interested in joining in with the competition, then visit the TeenTech website for details and get in touch with any of the Computer Science teachers who will fully support you.

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