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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reading School Mathematician, Sida L (Year 11) achieves Distinction in Round 2 of the British Mathematical Olympiad 2020-21

A special congratulations to the success of Sida L (11W) who achieved a Certificate of Distinction in Round 2 of the British Maths Olympiad.

It takes a lot to reach round one of the British Mathematical Olympiad, with only 1000 achieving the best results selected to take part. Of those, only around 100 will be invited to go on to Round 2 - and Sida L was amongst them. He was the sole qualifier from Reading School to undertake the 3½ hour challenge which contains intense mathematical proofs for candidates to establish. This is normally undertaken by our A-level students in the Sixth Form.

This is truly a commendable accomplishment for Sida, and Mr B Owen (Teacher of Mathematics) would like to pass on the compliments of the Maths Department by saying “Well done Sida!”.

Mr A M Robson (Headmaster) said:

“Sida’s success in both rounds of the British Maths Olympiad is a truly exemplary. An outstanding achievement and I congratulate Sida on this success.  These competitions are designed to grow and stretch our students beyond the curriculum, and I am continuously impressed by Sida’s tenacity and perseverance in excelling in everything he attempts. 

Our Teachers of Mathematics nurture curiosity and develop mathematical thinking and problem solving. We work hard to promote wider STEM opportunities for our students especially since many are keen to pursue mathematical interests beyond the classroom."

Sida L, a leader and strong advocate of the benefits of the MiG25 Maths Club would like to take this opportunity to encourage students to get involved in the MiG25 Maths Club, which currently runs on Thursdays at 14:30 for Year 9’s, but presentations are recorded and are available to all students afterwards:

“Join the MiG25 maths club, where we aim to develop the passion for mathematics and solving problems. We have lots of top tips and custom papers for those doing the UKMT JMC (Junior Maths Challenge) and are currently running a competition where new thought-provoking problems are posted every two weeks. We also have a series of presentations kept from past years, providing a glimpse into the wider world of mathematics beyond the classroom, and plan to do more in the academic year.”

A special thank you to Mr B Owen (Teacher of Mathematics) for his continued support in running and organising this event and Mrs S Parker (Head of Mathematics).

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