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Admissions Guidelines

Introduction for Entry in 2020

Reading School is a selective boys' grammar school with Academy status. The school caters for day boys and weekly boarders alike and being within the state-maintained sector, all the education provided is free.

All students must be entitled to hold a full British passport or to have the right of residence in the United Kingdom. Boarders pay only for their board and lodging.

Reading School has high academic standards, performing consistently well at all levels. In addition, music, sport and drama flourish. Rugby and cricket have strong fixture lists and most of the other sports are played to a high standard.

Admissions Guidelines for Entry in 2020 for Year 7 

An electronic copy of the Admissions Guidelines for entry in 2020 can be found here:

Admissions Guidelines for Entry in 2020 for Year 7

A copy of the admissions talk given at the Open Evening will be made available here in April 2019. 

On-line Registration Form for Entry in 2020 for Year 7

The on-line registration form will be available on the school website from 1st May until midnight on Friday 14th June 2019. Please go to: to access the link to the online registration form. 

Year 7 Entry for Prospective Students 

Number of Places Available

For 2020 entry, there will be 150 places in total comprising of 12 boarders (maximum) and 138 day-boys (minimum). Parents should appreciate that not all boys who are deemed suitable for a place at Reading School can be accommodated, as there are many more applications than places available.

For boarding fees 2018-19, please click here.

Key Dates for Entry to Year 7 2020

  • Online registration forms available on school website - 1st May 2019
  • Open Day - Thursday 25th April 2019 - 4.00pm - 8.00pm
  • Boarding Open Morning - Saturday 9th March 2019 and Saturday 18th May 2019 at 10.00am
  • Closing date for receipt of applications at Reading School - Midnight on Friday 14th June 2019
  • Testing Date Day and Boarding Applicants - Saturday 14th September 2019 (tests are taken at Reading School)
  • Results will be available online mid October 2019
  • Deadline for submitting application form to home LA - 31st October 2019
  • Offer Date from your Local Authority - 2nd March 2020

Nature of Tests

The entrance tests will consist of two 50 minute papers, each of which assess verbal, numerical and non verbal ability. Applicants are expected to show competence in skills appropriate to Key Stage 2 English and Mathematics, and to be able to apply these skills creatively. These tests can only be taken once. There are no practice papers for sale in respect of these tests. A familiarisation sheet of questions will be available on our website.  

The raw scores will be age standardised. The ranking is determined by the aggregate of the age standardised scores of both tests. The entrance tests will take place on Saturday 14th September 2019.

There will be other schools that will be using the same tests as Reading School. If your son takes our test after this date and is found to have taken the same test, then we will use the raw scores from the first test he took, even if it was at another school

Familiarisation Booklet for Entry into Year 7 

The familiarisation booklet can be found here

This familiarisation booklet is designed to inform parents and candidates about the Entrance Test in order to:

  • Give a feel for the appearance of the actual assessment.
  • Introduce some of the symbols and phrases used in the assessment.
  • Inform parents and candidates of the invigilation procedure.
  • Indicate the range of disciplines that will be tested.
  • Highlight the range of answer formats used in the test.

This booklet also includes examples to indicate the range of skills required to complete the assessment and the manner in which questions are answered. This familiarisation booklet is NOT definitive and the inclusion of any question types does not guarantee that they will be found in the final assessment.  Please note: there are no commercially available practice test papers for these assessments.


Results will be available online mid-October 2020. If your son is assessed as suitable for admission to Reading School, you may wish to list Reading School as one of your preferences on your Common Application Form. However being assessed as suitable for Reading School will not guarantee that your son will be offered a place as it is extremely likely that more boys will qualify for places than the School can accommodate. In this case we will apply our oversubscription criteria as listed in our Admissions Policy.

Sixth Form Entry 2020 

For entry into the Sixth Form students must have achieved the equivalent of a total of at least 56 points (or 54 points if Pupil Premium or Looked After/Previously Looked After*) (9=9, 8=8, 7=7, 6=6 or if still studying old GCSE qualifications then A*=8, A=7, B=6 etc) from 8 GCSE subjects and at least a grade 5 at GCSE in Mathematics and English Language or a DfE recognised equivalency. In addition, minimum subject requirements must also be attained and are published in the Sixth Form Information Booklet. 

The Sixth Form Information Booklet including our minimum subject requirements for entry in 2020 can be found here.

Application forms will be available to download from the school website from 1st December 2019. Closing date for applications is Friday 31st  January 2020.

For guidlines on completing the online registration, please click here

*Please see admissions policy for further clarification