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Educational Visits

Personal Development through our Educational Visits Program:

Our Educational Visits program builds on our strategic Learn – Lead – Serve priorities:.

It provides extensive service opportunities for students provided during belonging week and weekly football, canoeing and mentoring sessions

Provides opportunities for all staff and students both locally within electives and Belonging Week activities and further afield.

Develops partnerships with activity providers, local delivery partners and partner primary schools:

In 2022 to 2023 we ran 207 trips as a school 207 TRIPS as a school.

These ranged from Geography trips in the Local Area to weekly outdoor activities sessions and from offsite activities run for Ukrainian refugees through to residentials for local primary schools. It 2023 flagship trips also ran to Cape Town, Finland and The Azores.

Allocation of places on International Trips and Oversubscription Criteria:

- All trips that are oversubscribed are balloted randomly for equity.

- Students that have not previously been on an international trip are then prioritised.

- Some places are also reserved for PP students.

- For language trips students that are opting for, or already taking a specific language will obviously be prioritised.

Due to the volume of trips and queries we cannot promise to answer all queries as to why a student may not have got a place on a trip that is oversubscribed but will always follow the transparent process and criteria outlined above.