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Elective Program ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Personal Development though our Elective program:

Electives are an integral part of our ambitious curriculum that seeks to develop excellence across the broadest possible spectrum of subjects, skills and sports.​

​Electives emphasise collaboration, are built on the Reading Way and its character framework and as such support our students in their journey from Learn, to Lead and to Serve. ​

​Electives are a positive feature of our rich and ambitious curriculum offer and following two years of development and refinement in 2023-2024 they encompass a clear structure of progression, in addition to a breadth of opportunities to flourish.​

​Electives complement and extend the academic curriculum, in different ways for students in different year groups. They offer age and stage appropriate activities. We ask our students to be imaginative, collaborative and receptive; we ask them to be accountable for their contributions and their character and, through harnessing choice, our students are supported and challenged to create energy, enhance intellectual curiosity and to embark on a journey of personal development. ​

Year 7&8

Students in Year 7&8 choose three Electives per week.

They start the week as a year group, taking part in activities that are not offered with the taught curriculum; they work together in activities on a Thursday, collaborating with students outside of their house and year group which is supports the development if healthy relationships with a range of students. On a Friday students have a ‘double elective’ which enables us to offer a range of offsite activities, sports and practical sessions which benefit from an extended duration

Electives conclude the school day taking place in period 7 from 14:40 with most finishing at 15:25. Some activities, particularly those offsite, which require additional travel my run until 16:00.

Year 9&10

Students in Year 9&10 take part in a tapered Electives program as they start their GCSE students with a specific focus giving them a practical experience of a range of activities with a focus on learning skills. Year 9 will also take part in yearlong project based elective with a link to careers and areas of interest that lie beyond the curriculum and have been planned to allow students to access hinterland knowledge and understanding.

Year 9: Design, Technology and Enterprise Electives           

Launchpad, Coding, Food Technology, Formula E, Electronic Engineering, Eco-solutions and STEM

Year 9: Go long – year long project  

Performing, Enterprise, Physiology, Coding, Political and Current Affairs, Mandarin

Year 10: Life Skills Electives     

First Aid, Mechanics, Make do and mend, Football Coaching, Personal Finance, Personal Training, cooking