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Future Stories

For the last year Whitley Park pupils have benefitted from the face to face maths tutoring at Reading Boys. Our pupils have enjoyed the experience and benefitted from the opportunity. When asked about it they comment on the benefit of working 1:1, being listened to and supported to respond to direct feedback. There is magic in the way the Reading Boys students are able to make connections with our pupils and use this as a springboard to help further their learning and develop their confidence. This is skilfully engineered by the staff at Reading Boys. They show real care and ambition in advancing the prospects of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and make us feel welcome with their above and beyond approach to including us in their Future Stories programme.

Nathan Butler-Broad, Headteacher Whitley Park Primary

I would just like to encourage you to continue and thank you. I was extremely happy and really can't think of a way of improving an amazing experience for my son.


I hope you will repeat this programme. Many of our pupils have found it very useful and it certainly inspired TH who is now one of your Year 7 pupils!

Thameside primary school headteacher


Future Stories is a social mobility project working in partnership with local primary schools. The aim of the Future Stories project is to ensure that Reading School is full of high ability students from a range of social and economic backgrounds, who are eager to reach their future story goals. 

Our target is to substantially increase the number of pupil premium pupils and looked after pupils who apply to take our entrance test.  In order to gain admittance to Reading School all children must achieve the qualifying score to be eligible for entry.  Children registered for pupil premium and service premium at any point in the last six years and who live within our designated area have priority for admission places over those that are not. 

We are fully aware of the disruptions caused to children’s learning throughout the pandemic which have been beyond everyone’s control.  At Reading School we are dedicated to supporting our local community and want to address this learning gap. A familiarisation programme including weekly online sessions, has been set up with the objective of inspiring pupils to take the entrance test. In addition, we will be running our annual Summer Camp during the August holidays for all entrance test applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

For further information on both these activities please email: 

To register your son for the familiarsiation programme please complete the following: Consent Form

The main objectives of the Future Stories programme are:

1. To develop the leadership skills, capacity and capability of students currently at Reading School, by working in partnership with state primary schools.

2. To raise aspirations and widen access to Reading School for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are keen to address social mobility.  We want our school to represent the full diversity of backgrounds that children come from.  We believe that there are able, clever children in our designated areas who do not have the same opportunity to succeed as those from more privileged backgrounds and at Reading School we want to attempt to do something about that.

Reading School features on the UK Social Mobility Awards' Roll of Honour, underpinning the fact that we are helping to ensure that every child has a chance to succeed.  The Roll of Honour is to recognise our contribution through our Future Stories Programme.   

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