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Internal Exams

We are delighted to provide students with subject-specific guidance on how to revise effectively in that subject and what needs to be revised for the end of year exams.

Parents and students are reminded that there is NOTHING 'high stakes' about these internal end of year exams (they don't count towards GCSEs), so no child (or parent!) should obsess about marks nor compare themselves with anyone else. The purpose of the exams is four-fold:​

    • Celebrate the fantastic PROGRESS your child has made this year;​
    • PRACTICE sitting many exams in one go (in silence for extended periods);​
    • DEVELOP confidence in effective revision strategies ahead of Years 11/13;​
    • IMPROVE after the teachers give students 'feedforward' after the exams (this is the most important part);

All of these documents are available in perpetuity on the School's website to take the uncertainty out of revision, and we thank subject teachers for continuing to go above and beyond in compiling such rich resources.