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Although Reading School is a state secondary school, we have to fundraise for those aspects of our work that are not covered by our Department for Education funding. Our DfE funding covers the core cost of delivering the national curriculum, including salaries, teaching resources, lighting, heating and some basic maintenance. It does not cover the cost of major upgrades to school facilities, although we are able to apply for capital funds when these are available. It also does not cover the cost of our co-curricular programme of lunchtime and after school activities, which enables pupils to expand their range of skills and knowledge.

Our Current Priority Projects Are:

  1. Improving Classrooms and Facilities - £149,000 needed by August 2016
  • Improving Biology and Chemistry Laboratories and refurbishing General Classrooms, so that we continue to develop the scientists, doctors, engineers and technical innovators of the future. We have already raised the money we need for the bricks and mortar, but we still need to raise funds to cover the cost of buying furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings in the new building, and to refurbish the old Biology Building to provide three multi-purpose classrooms. It will cost around £250 per pupil to fully fit out the laboratories and to complete the refurbishment. This project will provide a total of seven laboratories for practical teaching of Biology and Chemistry and three additional classrooms.
  • This has particular urgency, as from September 2016 our pupil numbers will increase by an additional form each year until 2020. This means that classroom space will be even more scarce if we are unable to complete the fitting out of the new Biology and Chemistry laboratories, and the refurbishment of the existing Biology laboratories for use as multi-purpose classrooms this summer.

    To help us complete this project by August 2016, you can make a donation online to the Sponsor an Element Campaign

       2.  Co-curricular and Leadership Opportunities - £85,000 a year

  • Co-curricular activities are an essential part of the education that we offer at Reading School. They are an important counterpoint to academic work and enable boys to develop leadership skills and to explore interests and skills that will help them to fulfil their potential. They are also key to the development of skills that are difficult to learn in the classroom alone. Attributes such as resilience, self-reliance, empathy, the ability to communicate with and to work with others are all essential to living a full and successful life in the modern world.
  • We provide over 50 co-curricular and leadership activities throughout the year at a total annual cost of £85,000. These include clubs and discussion groups to encourage interests such as art, public speaking, philosophy, computing, science, geography, languages and enterprise; music groups, including choirs, bands, and classical ensembles; sports teams for athletics, football, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, rowing, chess, badminton and triathlon; Inspire Lectures and talks to broaden boys’ understanding of important issues; and service activities such as the CCF, Duke of Edinburgh and Community Service through the Future Stories Project.  

You can make a general donation to the School to support these projects now and in the future via our VirginMoneyGiving Page. You can also download a donation form and send it, with your gift, to the Development Office at Reading School. If you prefer to support the Biology and Chemistry Building exclusively, you can support our Sponsor an Element Campaign.

As an Academy, Reading School is an exempt charity under schedule 2 of the Charities Act 1993.  We are also recognised as charitable by HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC Reference XT35863) and can reclaim Gift Aid on donations made by a UK taxpayer, provided the donor has paid an amount of Income Tax  and / or Capital Gains Tax for the tax year in which the gift was made that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities s/he has supported will reclaim for the same period.