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Meet the Team

'Staff go over and above in their duty to ensure my son feels supported and developed. They are invaluable in the raising of our child. We consider our son to be privileged to be a boarder.'

Boarding Parent, February 2017

South House

Mr Paul Teixeira - Housemaster of South House, Teacher of Chemistry, Biology and PE


Hailing from the West Country, Paul moved to Reading in 2010 to complete his teacher training. Despite a love of coastal life, he has somehow found himself land locked ever since, becoming a teacher of Chemistry and Biology at Reading School in 2011. Paul is new to the role of Housemaster, having previously served as a Boarding Tutor and Assistant Housemaster for 5 years. He now lives with his wife Jo, daughter Molly and baby son Raphael in South House. His interest lie in the great outdoors and sport, particularly in the worlds of Cycling and Triathlon.


When asked about boarding life, Paul noted that it was the family aspect that is the best thing about his job. “I moved here with no family connections in the local area and the boarding community took me under its wing. In the last 5 years I have loved being a part of this flourishing community. The relationships and sense of family shared by both the boys and the staff are what make the boarding houses special.”


Miss Amy Cash – Deputy Housemistress of South House, Teacher of Economics
Mr Alun Lloyd – House Tutor, Teacher of English
Ms Jayne Pickering - House Tutor, Teacher of Biology and EPQ
Mr Joe Gunson - House Tutor, Teacher of Geography
Mrs Karen Andrews – Matron

East Wing

Mr Chris Nicholas – Housemaster of East Wing, Director of Admissions, Teacher of Geography


Originally from Liverpool, Chris has taught Geography at Reading School since 2010 and has been the Housemaster of East Wing since 2013. Before becoming a teacher, Chris tried his hand in the world of local government before living in Spain for two years where he developed his pigeon Spanish and love of Spanish food.  Chris now lives with his wife, son and twin daughters in East Wing.  His interests lie mainly in the world of sports, particularly cricket, golf and football. Apart from playing sport, he is also an eternally optimistic follower of Everton Football Club and a lover of all things geographical.


When asked what he loves most about boarding, Chris said that it was the interactions that boarding throws up which really appeals to him.  "Every day in boarding is different; working with such a fine group of boarding staff and students means that you really never know when the next moment of inspiration or laughter is going to come from!"


Miss Elise Fondu – Deputy Housemistress of East Wing, Teacher of French
Mr Liam Green – House Tutor, Teacher of Chemistry
Mr Jon Hornby – House Tutor, Teacher of German
Mr Tiernach O'Reilly – House Tutor, Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Alice Stratford – House Tutor, Teacher of History
Ms Nikki Emmott – Matron

Both Houses

Mr Robbie Jackson – First Aider
Mr Alex Goldstein and Mr Ben Walden – Gap students
Mrs Kathy Roberts – Housekeeper
Mrs Penny Hickman – Boarding and Admissions Administrator