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At Reading School we believe in the value of PSHE and RSE. We help to prepare our students to be safe, healthy and be equipped for life’s opportunities. This includes the statutory requirements of Relationships and Sex Education.  Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education - GOV.UK (

For the RSE policy, please see the policies section of the website.


Reading School believe that PSHE education is integral to building and developing life skills and personal development in terms of our three strands:

  1. Health & wellbeing
  2. Living in the wider world
  3. Relationships

Using the PSHE Association audit for PSHE and RSE, Reading School is already exceeding statutory requirements. Lessons are timetabled and regular (fortnightly) and resources are allocated (including named SLT HOD and PSHE department budget). Staff are offered training and are confident, and lessons take into account vulnerabilities of students and the context of Reading School. The curriculum is spiraled and related to the wider world, using PSHE Association and UniFrog resources, along with other credible resources.  

The dedicated lesson time focuses on our spiral curriculum that builds on these themes at age appropriate times, according to the context of our school. Our PSHE curriculum themes therefore include:  careers, mental and physical wellbeing strategies, finance, e-safety, inclusion & diversity and drugs and alcohol. We seek the views of students (via regular class surveys), parents and staff to continuously tailor, improve and deliver an effective curriculum that supports our students in their lives beyond Reading School. Resources are available to share with parents upon request.

Student Focussed

Lessons are a safe space to ensure student feel supported to express and explore opinions. Students at Reading School have high levels of respect for each other and are encouraged to promote a respectful learning environment underpinned by five shared expectations

  1. Right to pass
  2. Respect for the right to an opinion
  3. Opportunity for everyone to get involved
  4. Confidentiality (if appropriate and not against safeguarding expectations)
  5. Kindness

Reading school students are supportive of one another’s wellbeing and demonstrate high levels of self-control. PSHE education helps our pupils to know how they can support each other, manage their own behaviour and get help for themselves or their friends when they need it.

Parent Engagement

Parents are sent regular updates in the Headmaster’s weekly bulletin regarding PSHE and RSE contexts, including esafety. We welcome feedback and invite parents to contact the PSHE Lead, Lizzie Ayres (DSL, Assistant Headteacher)

Students are expected to monitor their own progress according to their written work that tracks each lesson in their booklets. We encourage parents to look through these booklets with their child and to access the resources suggested together.

Staff engagement

Our staff ensure best practice, up-to-date subject knowledge and fully engage in training opportunities, alongside prioritising our provision of PSHE in the curriculum. RSE policy link

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education - GOV.UK (

Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education - GOV.UK (