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Reading School Alumni Society

When boys join the Reading School family, they do so for life. The education, friendships and life lessons they gain at school help them develop into dynamic, purposeful young men who excel in higher education and the world of work. Old Redingensians are diverse and they share the same sense of kinship towards the Reading School family, and are graciously welcomed when they return.

Keeping in Touch with Reading School

Once students leave Reading School, they join a global network of Old Redingensians. The Society Office stay in touch with our alumni to organise events, reunions and generate support for Reading School. The best way to engage with the Reading School community is by doing the following:

  • Join Reading School Alumni Society a closed network open to all Old Redingensians globally; 
  • Join Reading School alumni via LinkedIn to connect with a world of opportunities through people and knowledge (over 1700 Alumni and over 1500 followers);
  • Complete the Keep In Touch with Reading School form to ensure we have the most up-to-date details for you and select those areas you are most interested in;
  • If you would consider being a ‘Reading School Alumni Ambassador’ for your year group, please email This is not an onerous task, but you would be the point of contact between Reading School and your year group for events such as reunions, by creating a year group Facebook page etc. 

Connecting with Reading School

The Old Redingensian Alumni Society is an online environment dedicated to keeping in touch with Reading School, former teachers and peers. By creating a profile, alumni can contact old friends, make valuable career connections, sign up for reunions and give back to the Reading School family. Registration takes just a few minutes, and can be done seamlessly by importing LinkedIn profiles. 

Click the button below and create an Old Redingensian profile to enjoy the following benefits:

Connect with Old Redingensians via personal messaging and posting your own stories

Keep in touch with latest news at Reading School and the Old Redingensians network

Check out photos of recent events and developments around the school

Organise reunions or book places for events within and outside school

Grow professional networks and promote or seek job opportunities

Find opportunities to give back and inspire the next generation of Redingensians


Giving back to Reading School

Old Redingensians are always welcome back, and the Reading School family is grateful for any help to advance the school’s mission to build good men. The school is always open to new ideas, and some ways of giving back include:

  • Representing a profession at our Careers Convention or other careers related events held throughout the academic year
  • Giving Inspire Lectures to inspire boys on topics such as careers, research, or university
  • Mentoring students for life after school - advising on career paths, through university, and job applications 
  • Donating to Reading School to maintain or improve standards of education and facilities
  • Sponsoring specific areas of school life such as sports, co-curricular activites, Future Stories or school events   

To learn more about donating to Reading School, please click here


  • Jas Chhokar (Society Manager)
  • E:
  • T: 0118 901 5600