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Reading School has a close and dedicated network of support for boys with special educational needs and disabilities. An SEND passport is written for each boy with such needs following an interview with them; this is updated on an annual basis and consulted by teachers.

The SEND team have a regular programme of activities that go on all year round, at which all comers are welcome. Examples include:

Sensory Circuits, which take place every Tuesday morning from 8.10 am in the gym, and are a good way to learn new skills and make friends. This either involves completing fun physical circuits or playing light hearted physical games.

They are ideal for:

  • Improving motor skills
  • Practicing working as part of team
  • Making friends

A Breakfast Club (for Key Stage 3) every Friday morning from 8.20 am in L5. Boys are welcome to come and join for fun and games ranging from Uno to Penguin Pile-Up, and find:

  • A relaxed environment
  • Fun games to play
  • An inclusive atmosphere

The Sherlock Holmes Foundation, a social club that runs in L5 every Tuesday lunchtime.  The group work on puzzles, riddles and games, culminating in the solving of their own murder case at the end of last term. The group is open to all who regularly attend and they

  • Have a lot of fun
  • Make friends
  • Relax, have lunch, and stretch their mental horizons

L5 is also kept open by a member of the SEND team at break and lunch times for anyone at a loose end to come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. They are invited to try their skills at chess, Uno, board games, or even just read, talk, or do homework, and are welcome to bring their lunch.

Boys are also frequently invited to take part in small groups which discuss study skills, personal development, or any other issue likely to come up in a school career; last term a year 9 group worked on personal skills and a year 11 group on study skills. These are usually formed by invitation, from boys the SEND team know through passport interviews and other clubs. We are also capable of referring boys to our dedicated school counsellor and other specialised services.

The SEN co-ordinator (SENCO) for Reading School is Ms S Rogers and can be contacted at: